Trademe Invoices Customised by InvoiceMe

Trademe Invoices made easy by InvoiceMe

Create customised Trademe Invoices with InvoiceMe by BizStudio, it’s a simple solution to save time and hassle with Trademe.  

Firstly, it’s easy and a complete ‘no-brainer’, because in just 5 minutes you’ll have a simple branded packing slip or invoice for every Trademe sale.

You’ll never regret installing this easy add-on. I mean, with it’s a simple one-off charge and access to all updates forever, you can certainly improve your Trademe sales now!

Compliant Trademe Invoices? No Problem

Turn your Trademe packing slips, into compliant Trademe invoices – with NO effort at all!

Trademe provides packing slips for sellers to pack and ship products.  However, if your buyer requests a tax invoice, this can be a problem, because you have to do extra work to create a tax invoice yourself.

With InvoiceMe, every packing slip will automatically be converted to show your details, your logo, the current date and of course the required words ‘Tax Invoice’.  The Trademe auction code becomes your unique invoice number.

What if I change the Business name or logo?

Change the details and logo at any time, because InvoiceMe allows endless changing of options. Therefore 1 or 2 minutes should see you sorted.

Get in touch if you get stuck, because we’d love to help you out.

Start now and save time and hassle with every Trademe sale.

Everyone in business and selling on Trademe needs InvoiceMe

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