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Create a Child Theme the Easy way

When modifying your WordPress website, it is imperative that you make you modifications on a Child Theme.  For non-gurus like me, there IS an easy way!

How to Create a Child Theme the Easy Way

To copy templates to your new Child Theme, see an example in Adding a Full Width Page to 2013 Theme




Zendesk Support and Zapier

Want more possibilities for integrating your Zendesk online helpdesk with your WordPress website?

Meet Zapier!

Zapier provides a means of pushing data to and from hundreds of different website, SaaS and CMS sources, and included the Zendesk online helpdesk platform and WordPress.

Maintain a consistant knowledge base

Set up Zapier for Zendesk online support, and automatically post new WordPress posts to your Zendesk Knowledge Base forums, Set up multiple ‘Zaps’ to post to different forums depending on the content and/or keywords in your post.

Unlimited options

There is a vast range of options in Zapier and indeed in setting up each individual ‘Zap’. So many different ways to trigger the ‘Zap’, different checks and arguments, to filter and refine the triggering and action taken.

Check it out today at http://zapier.com and try their product free for 14 days.

WordPress for Business Websites

Business websites with wordpress

Why WordPress? Because it works!

Approximately 12% of all websites on the web are built using WordPress.  It is by far the most common and well known platform ever.  There are over twenty five thousand plugins available for modifying, adding features, changing layouts and appearance with the click of a button.  Contact forms, security settings, online shopping carts, integrations, chat, newsletters, action buttons, sidebar displays and much more…

SEO capability is the true WordPress ‘secret weapon’. Without arguement, WordPress produces sites that index very well.  With comparitively little effort (maybe the 80/20 rule again?) a WordPress site can be fine-tuned to deliver surprising SEO results in a very short time.  Wordpress capabilities in SEO and Content Management make your input the 20% needed to get the 80% results!

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