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WordPress Twenty Thirteen Full Width Page

Out of the box, the WordPress 2013 theme doesnt have a full width page template.  Sure if you remove all the widgets, you get a beautiful full screen look, but what if you DO want widget, just not on some pages?

This tutorial will show you how to;

Add a full width page template to your 2013 Child Theme.

Now first of all we start with the requisite rule – Use a child theme!  There is a simple plugin to create this – see  ‘One Click Child Theme’

Now – Presuming you now have your child theme…

  1. Install and activate the plugin – Theme File Duplicator
  2. In the WordPress admin menu, navigate to Appearance > Add Page Template
  3. The default page to copy should be ‘page.php’ – this is correct.
  4. Give the new template a name (eg. Full Width Page)
  5. Name the file full-width-page.php
  6. Click ‘Create New File’


Now to modify the full width page file

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Editor
  2. Select the new page template from the list
  3. Delete the content completely
  4. Download this zip folder and extract the contents – Full-width-page.zip
  5. Copy and paste the text contents into the Full Width Page template
  6. Click ‘Update File’

Add CSS code

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Editor
  2. In the CSS ‘Style’ File – add the following (or similar CSS code) to the bottom of the file.

/* ======================= Full Width Page ===============*/

.entry-header-full, .entry-content-full {
margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 1040px;


Use the new full width template

  • Start a new page
  • Under Page Attributes > Template, select the new Full Width Page template

Happy publishing!