NZ Lollies Online

Lollies NZ is another SEO project for Bizstudio. The online lolly market is a hotly contested one, with some big name brands as well as savvy SEO enriched retail sites to compete with.

Our aim, once again is to hit the top 3 in Google search for the selected keyword terms.  These include ‘Lollies NZ‘, Bulk Lollies NZ and ‘Wholesale Lollies NZ’.

The team at Bizstudio love the challenge of these SEO rich categories, and look forward to tailoring another top ranking website!



Mouth Artist Fundraiser

Hello, I am a 12 year old mouth artist called Jesse.  My parents are running this website for me to try to raise money for things the New Zealand government won’t supply.

My favourite will be a 4 wheel drive wheelchair so I can go more places with my family!

I was born with no arms or legs, and have been in a wheelchair all my life.  Like other mouth artists, I am not letting my lack of limbs hold me back!  

NZ Wide Tractor Tyres

The Used Tractor Tyres site was prepared with high quality SEO in mind.  We had 3 keyword targets for search term results.  The three terms were ‘Used Tractor Tyres’, ‘Second hand tractor tyres’ and ‘Tractor Tyres’, the aim was to become the top ranking site for the first term in NZ, and on the front page for the other terms.

Within 2 weeks, the site was 2nd for our primary search term, and already on the front page for the secondary terms.  We are still adding content for SEO ranking, and are still pursuing the goal of top rating for our primary keyword search.

The eCommerce site is growing in content and will eventually hold over 1000 products.