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Confirm User Registration – WP Plugin

Want to monitor and control users on your WordPress Website?

Confirm User Registration; WordPress Plugin by Ralf Hortt

For a large number of websites over the last few years I have wanted to remain in control of user registration and control who is actually registering on the sites.  Not just for spam control, but for limited access websites and wholesale only eCommerce sites.

confirm user registration1

I have tried several WordPress plugins for user registration control, but found this one to be the most effective, whilst also being very simple.

Installation is instant using the normal WordPress plugin module, and once activated, one extra option is added to the ‘Users’ menu as pictured.

The plugins admin panel is equally logical and straight forward as shown below; simply tick the users you want to approve and hit ‘Authenticate’.  From this panel, you can also delete the user.

Authenticated users receive an email to advise them when they have been approved and until that time, cannot log in to the site.  Message to the user are able to be configured on the settings tab.

confirm user registration

We highly recommend this plugin for any site that requires manual approval of user registrations.

Possible improvements would be to include a ‘Blocked’ list, to leave users registered but disallow registered use; effectively making it impossible for them to re-register.

Overall we give this Plugin a 9 out of 10 rating

If you use this plugin, don’t forget to donate something to the author to encourage it’s maintenence and continuance –

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IrreleventPoorAverageGoodFantastic! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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