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Online Advertising

Online advertising is a simple and effective way to drive visitors to your website.  Using a free PPC (pay per click) account it is relatively simple to set up your own advertisments to display on the world’s most common search and display network.

You can set your own daily budget and per ‘click’ cost.  There is no minimum or maximum cost, you just select what you are willing to pay for the results you would like.  Spending VAST amounts of money on PPC advertising is not always to best way.  It is possible to get literally THOUSANDS of ad presentations for very little daily cost.  Your campaign will need to take into consideration the desired effect and/or results needed.

BizStudio will set up your account and can create campaigns for you, or assist you learning to design your own campaign.  Our approach to campaigns offers several options for sales, promotions, brand support, enquiry generation and much more.

For more info on this service, contact us with your enquiry using our simple contact form here.

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IrreleventPoorAverageGoodFantastic! (No Ratings Yet)

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