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Create a Child Theme the Easy way

When modifying your WordPress website, it is imperative that you make you modifications on a Child Theme.  For non-gurus like me, there IS an easy way!

How to Create a Child Theme the Easy Way

To copy templates to your new Child Theme, see an example in Adding a Full Width Page to 2013 Theme




Recent Posts Extended – Remove 'Permalink to'

The ‘Recent Posts Extended’ WordPress Plugin widget by default prepends the words ‘Permalink to’ on every sidebar widget link, effectively diluting SEO strength in the title attribute.

To remove this;

Open – recent-posts-widget-extended/includes/widget-recent-posts-extended.php

Find the below section in two places…

 <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” title=”<?php printf(esc_attr__(‘Permalink to %s’, ‘rpwe’), the_title_attribute(‘echo=0’)); ?>” rel=”bookmark”>

Remove the words permalink to from both sections as shown below.

 <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” title=”<?php printf(esc_attr__(‘%s’, ‘rpwe’), the_title_attribute(‘echo=0’)); ?>” rel=”bookmark”>

This will remove the offending wording and SEO irritation 🙂

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Productivity in the Cloud – Zendesk Support Platform

Customer Helpdesk and Support Systems

Zendesk online helpdesk is a global leader in cloud based helpdesk and support. The product offers excellent configuration and styling options offering a simple to setup and use business helpdesk solution!

A significant feature of the Zendesk support platform is the ease of use by helpdesk agents, reducing workload pressure and fatigue, and therefore extending the productivity and satisfaction of your support staff.

Zendesk’s support software has fantastic automation and pre-built response functionality with customisable views and reporting.

BizStudio offer support with helpdesk setup and configuration of the Zendesk support system in all size businesses, from the ‘far too cheap’ $20 plan, to the fully featured ‘Enterprise’ plan.

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