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Are you trapped by your internet service provider, or using an email address that you have little control over?

What is a Domain Email

A domain email address uses your own selection of domain name, and hence personalises your email addresses to your specifically.  A domain is the words or characters directly after the @ symbol in an email address.  For example, is our domain name.  All our email addresses are part of this domain, eg.

There are many many different domain names available, it is preferable in NZ to get a domain, though there are a number of suffix options available including, .com, .biz, .org.

Check domain name ideas here

Why get your own domain email address

Have you ever wondered why so many ISPs (internet service providers) offer free email mailboxes? It is simple to get an,, email address for example, and normally this is included in your internet plan.  However, once you have used one of these free addresses for a length of time, all your contacts and friends know it, you use it to sign up to many websites, user accounts, newsletters and more, and it becomes very difficult to change your email and hence your internet provider.  Thus emails are a great way for ISPs to tie you in to their services, so that when you come to change providers to take advantage of a special offering the tendency will be to not change as moving email addresses is too hard.  This all changes when you get your own domain email.

There have also been a number of compromises of large commercial email systems recently, the painfully regular hacking of the yahoo-xtra emails being widely known.  Spammers hacked the Xtra (Yahoo-Xtra) email accounts of a vast number of users and started using these addresses to send out spam email. Domain emails are so individual that there is little motivation for spammers or hackers to breach them.

How much do Domain Email Addresses cost?

Domain email addresses are quite cheap to set up, and the ongoing costs are very reasonable.

The domain itself is an annual fee (or can be paid further in advance), depending on the hosting provider you use and if you set this up yourself.

You will need a very basic hosting plan, which tend to cost approx $5 per month, if you have fully independent hosting, or from as little as $15 per year for a managed solution.


Is domain email hard to set up?

Setting up domain emails from scratch will require either a little technical know-how in dealing with the hosting provider and setting up domain name and email addresses.

Create your own NZ based domain email hosting here


We can also set up domain email hosting on your behalf, for as little as $95 including 4 email addresses, your own domain name, and one year of hosting.

Contact us today to enquire about this service.



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