Ecommerce integration for POLI Payments!


This is a biggie for our e-commerce websites in New Zealand and Australia – POLi is the only direct internet banking solution for websites that I know.

Why use POLi?

Poli polipay direct bank payments for woocommerce.

  • POLi offers very low fees and rates – countering the major problem of profit attrition for Online Stores

  • Tremendous accessibility – use any one of the major banks in New Zealand and Australia

  • Fantastic Merchant Service – This really has been unbelievable, their NZ service team have really given us fantastic support

  • Regularly updated and dedicated plugin.

If you would like help adding POLi to your NZ or AU ecommerce website please us our Ecommerce Enquiry Form

Keeping your WooCommerce Site up to date


For those of you that manage your own WooCommerce based Ecommerce website, this Woocommerce Video Interview about how this should be done properly should be very interesting and helpful.

For many of our users, we supply a fully managed solution where we undertake to keep the site up to date, install and test all updates to themes and plugins as well at the WordPress core.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in more about our Ecommerce websites

Categories or Tags?


When setting up a new ecommerce website it is easy to get confused about the difference between tags and categories.

Categories are used to display products in their logical groups or divisions.  For example, on a clothing site this might be used to separate types of products like, Tops, Pants, Footwear etc…

Tags are used to cross reference features of an item, in our Clothing example, this could include colours, fabric type, styles etc…

For more help in using tags and categories on your ecommerce website, feel free to open a support request or ask a question in our support forums.

You can also contact us for more tag and category ecommerce support.



Simple, effective eCommerce with WooCommerce


Having a robust and reliable framework for building your eCommerce site is essential. Your entire store and its functions will be built around this.

We utilise the fantastic Woo-Commerce framework for all our eCommerce websites. ‘Woo’ offers the features and flexibility needed for modern eCommerce, with a plethora of amazing supplementary plugins and extensions.

The ‘Woo’ framework is 100% free to use. There are a number of free add-ins, and a large range of paid extensions besides.

We like to put the control back into the hands of our customers where-ever possible, and Woo makes this simple, with their easy to use management functions. This saves expensive developer work and results in more money in your pocket.

For more info about Woo-Commerce visit the WooCommerce Site

For more info, contact us about your WooCommerce-based website.