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Zendesk Support and Zapier

Want more possibilities for integrating your Zendesk online helpdesk with your WordPress website?

Meet Zapier!

Zapier provides a means of pushing data to and from hundreds of different website, SaaS and CMS sources, and included the Zendesk online helpdesk platform and WordPress.

Maintain a consistant knowledge base

Set up Zapier for Zendesk online support, and automatically post new WordPress posts to your Zendesk Knowledge Base forums, Set up multiple ‘Zaps’ to post to different forums depending on the content and/or keywords in your post.

Unlimited options

There is a vast range of options in Zapier and indeed in setting up each individual ‘Zap’. So many different ways to trigger the ‘Zap’, different checks and arguments, to filter and refine the triggering and action taken.

Check it out today at and try their product free for 14 days.

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