Costs and Charges

Developing and running a website always incurs a number of costs, and possibly substantial ongoing costs. What we have noticed is that some web-designers offer package deals with little transparency. The client may end up with un-expected costs and on-going costs that they are barely aware of – even if they read the fine print!

At BizStudio, we believe the success of your venture is part of the success of ours, so all costs are declared up front for you to factor in to your website budget. Our quotes make the initial costs and ongoing costs clear and easy to understand.

Below you will find the current costs which form the basis of all our quotes. You could practically build your own quote using this.
We still recommend getting an actual quote as we will sometimes offer slightly cheaper prices for a combination purchase, or we may wish to clarify your expectations further.

Our prices may not look like the cheapest, but there are no hidden costs. For example, a domain name can be purchased cheaper, but there is a time and cost also involved in connecting this to your hosting package.

Our price is an all inclusive price… you tell us the domain names you want, we will complete the purchase and set the domain up accordingly!


Domains Purchased Together
1 domain

2-4 domains

5+ domains

10+ domains

Price Per Domain





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HOSTING (Emails and/or Website)

All plans are based on unlimited traffic and include email and/or web storage.

  • BizStudio Hosting is best for users who want access to modify their site, but do not want to handle server side complexities.
  • Shared Hosting gives you an independent hosting package. This is best for clients who have the skills to manage their own server settings and management.

Hosting Storage Size

1 GB

2 GB

5 GB

10 GB

BizStudio Hosting ($/Annum)




Shared Hosting ($/annum)





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Set up email mailboxes
1 email address

Install CMS
1 Site
2-4 Sites
5+ Sites
10+ Sites

Basic Site Setup
Home page, Contact Page, About Us
Includes styling & template based design

Backup Website (as arranged)
1 Site

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Adwords Setup/Monitoring

Changes, Updates, Maintenance
On request or as arranged.

Per Address
$12 each
$10 each
$7.50 each

Per Site
$27 each
$23 each
$20 each

Per Site
Based on text, logo, images and colour/style preferences being supplied

Per Site


Time required depends on objective and info supplied

Approx 1 hour
Approx 30 mins each setup

Per Hour

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All prices exclude GST and are subject to change.

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